Powerful marketing isn’t just created, it evolves

It grows out of who you are, what you’ve learned and where you want to go.

But while you were busy pondering that, your customers also evolved—a constantly moving target as their needs change and their communications preferences shift.

For the past decade, I’ve learned to stand in your shoes, to tell your stories authentically, and to turn your sweat and dreams into a powerful connection with your customers that withstands the distractions of our world.

Here are a few examples.

Glass Packaging Institute

The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) is the trade association representing the North American glass container industry. For ten years the Fasick Group managed their advertising, reimagined their photography, focused their image and messaging around sustainability, and kept them current in a rapidly changing communications landscape to promote glass, advance environmental and recycling policies, advocate industry standards and educate packaging professionals.

Inter-American Development Bank Trust Fund marketing

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) was hosting a high-level delegation from the Republic of Korea to tout the accomplishments of their Korean Trust Funds in lessening poverty in the Americas, and to ask for further investment. Plans included glossy 16-page promotional brochures and 32-page reports in three languages, English, Spanish and Korean.

The English text was “mostly” done, but to be on time, all of the files needed to be designed, produced, translated and at the printer in only FOUR days.

In the end, It looked fantastic, was finished with (a few…) minutes to spare, helped convince the Korean Government to increase their support and, as a bonus, I learned to typeset Korean.

The World Bank Group

Throughout my tenure at the bank I’ve particularly enjoyed my reputation for creating book covers that “don’t look like they come from the World Bank.” As such, I’ve designed covers for many of their highest profile publications. At one point in 2006, different publication covers I’d designed were displayed in every promotional window surrounding the bank’s headquarters building in Washington DC.

Timothy Kaine Inaugural Committee

I was honored to design and produce the 2006 Virginia Gubernatorial Inaugural in historic Williamsburg, VA for then Governor Elect Timothy Kaine.